Thursday, May 17, 2007

I met an artist the other day...

I met an artist the other day, she spoke of form and shape and work, of materials, of things and she listened to me. I spoke of how I was no longer playing with form and light and ideas but was trying to work collectively on many ideas. She listened and then she began to encourage and I felt thrilled by her thrill. She understood what we were doing in a way that my old painting professor may have. Somehow her approval means a lot to me. It bouys me and gives me energy.

Below is a portrait of my shadow. The house is the front of a wonderful gallery that is just outside of Young in N.S.W. A friend and I made a road trip last weekend with our kids and drove 8 hours from Melbourne. A Mother's Day getaway.
What fun we had and what wonderful people we encountered!

Annabel Wallace Gallery.