Friday, September 14, 2007

It's past the middle of the night....

and I can't sleep and what better way to while away the insomnia but to end the cliffhanger of my last two blogs. Spring has again sprung and it looks like a long dry Summer ahead.

These beautiful star magnolias in the photo were bursting forth in Hobart. I travelled down to Tasmania to talk about a Two Bays kind of project along the East Coast.

Meanwhile Two Bays has been reborn in Victoria as the new Minister seems to like the project and it looks like we have the go-ahead. Hence another reason for sleepless nights as there is now so much to plan.

Just as well I have decided to make my way up to Hope Vale again this year as I am hoping to set up the Digital Story Telling component of the project with a new friend, Samia Goudie. I can forget about meetings for a week and enjoy the campsite again up at Cape Flattery.