Sunday, November 22, 2009

Looking out the window...

Picture of me by my daughter, Aurora.

Soon I will write about the upcoming Two Bays project but before that I am enjoying listening to the sound of rain. Covering the town, like the snow at the end of the story "The Dead" by James Joyce. I vaguely remember the wonderful movie made of the story but I still have the ring of James Joyce's language as he describes the shroud of snow falling on the living and the dead.

Thought I would add a few of his actual lines and that I could easily find them with google but instead find myself lost in a maze of study guides. Either no-one reads the text anymore or the intellectual property rights are far more sophisticated than the absorbing texts I find openly on the net.

So instead of getting all Irish and metaphysical I will concentrate on the constant sound of rain on my roof. Soaking the parched Melbourne earth that has already felt the onslaught of the coming Summer. The ongoing drought in this part of the world from my amateur meteorological standpoint seems more a symptom of global warming. And hence not a drought but a new climatic condition.

So rain keep falling and remind everyone that we are all connected and particularly by water.

And I am also glad I fixed the leak in my roof!


Wondering about that feathery word. It hovers above our days with ever sharper brightness.
Sometimes it seems the moment between life and death is purely one of hope.