Thursday, June 15, 2006

Imaginary friends....

My daughter has an imaginary friend called Mary who has been around for about a year. She brings her up in conversation at least once every few days. Her age is elastic but she is rarely over the age of 18 and often hops between the ages of 2-10. She has been sick alot reflecting the fact that many people that Aurora is close to have been to hospital recently. I often hear her talking to Mary on her pretend phone and she is very convincing in acting out being the recipient of a real conversation. Anyway there are many avenues to explore on this topic but I am going to side track into B&W films as I got caught watching a late night film the other night. I don't know what the title was but it was an unusual depiction of a child's imaginary friend. Of course the imaginary friend turned out to be the ghost of a dead lover of her father. She had gone mad and taken her own life but had been drawn back to the world of the living by her relationship with this little girl. I ended up taking shots with my cheap digital camera of the old film and you can get a feel for the mood of the film from these odd snap shots. I think?!


Scout said...

my 'imaginary friend' was sandyloaf. sandy could be viewed by others if my dad were to put me on his shoulders and we all looked out the dining room window. siblings kept asking where he was, thank gawd my parents had the wherewithall to acknlowledge him.

there's more then meets the eye of the seer to imaginary should be encouraged in chldren who have them. my daughter's was 'corpin the blue elephant'.

ha, loved your drift to old b&w movies!!!

austin said...

It's easy to drift at 2am!

I don't think I had an imaginary friend but I do remember having my own city in the bedroom. It was like an alternate world which I went to as soon as the lights were out. It even had a butcher. And everyone was very friendly!!