Monday, June 04, 2007

slow time

I was joking recently that I wanted time to slow down for everything except my teenage step-daughter (I wouldn't mind if we jumped a couple of years for her sometimes!).

This picture of Aurora gives a sense of time slowing down for me. I like to try to create a sense of slow time in some of my photos. Trying to capture a moment which expands beyond the frame, be it through the composition, light or an indefinable something which just feels right.

Already this year is half way gone and I wonder at the speed of events and valiantly hope to gather pockets in which I can breathe deeply and feel a sense of quiet.....


scout said...

kids....they creep up on ya like cheap underwear....all of a sudden they're grown up. you'll cherish that photo forever!!!! nice work.

austin said...

Hiya scout, I'll remember that one!!
She is sure creeping up. Her fav comment is that she is now up to my boobs.
Thanks for the visit.