Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Curve upside down bay

Blogging seems a mile away from me at this stage. I had got the planning stages of the next project into some kind of control but unfortunately the main political player who was supporting Two Bays has suddenly resigned.

So, the bay is upside down for a bit!!


archie said...

Oh no! was this to do with your recent change of leadership within Victoria? btw, I lurve your Llama - she is ticklish under the chin :)

austin said...

Hi archie,
Yep, you got it in one. We had good support from Thwaite's department but unfortunately we have to now build that relationship with the new minister. We'll see. The timing was not very good for us as the project is due in Dec, 2007.
Anyway there are other good things happening and it also seems to be the way with us that we are always on a knife edge!
PS. I'm a sucker for Llamas too!

archie said...

And the environment could slip between the cracks - yet again! How long before we have no more environment?

btw, with respect to llamas, have you visited - Wordpress won't allow javascripts on their pages so I cannot have a llama :(