Friday, October 26, 2007

Return from Cape Flattery

Cyril pointing to Pelican, heading off South at the end of the project.

Aurora, getting painted up as "White Cockatoo"

I feel I have been on the journey of a lifetime. The project was tremendous fun this year and I felt so welcomed to Country by the Bama people there. It was an absolute gift to have time to share and help create a small pilot project of Digital Story Telling with all the kids. I had a new friend join me, Samia Goudie, who has tremendous experience with Digital story telling and who has worked in Indigenous Health for over 15 years. Together I feel we embarked on the beginning of a very fruitful team endeavour. If you are interested in the project overall please have a read on our Pelican website which is mentioned in my links.
I realise now the wonderful power of collaborative work. The Pelican team just slotted into a web of relationships and we all together made many important connections and understandings.
Hope to write more soon about it all but the reality is that I am now emeshed in bringing Two Bays to life.


scout said...

what a joy and sense of accomplishment the whole thing must have brought you!!!! yay!

austin said...

hiya scout,
yeah, it was a really good time...
now as usual, it is back to the drawing board.
All best, Austin.