Monday, February 11, 2008

The Event

Musicians greeting the boat as we arrived at St Kilda Pier.
Drummer and the new Pelican puppet at the smoking welcome ceremony.
Nyet nyets with Weedy Sea dragon in the Background. Nyet nyets are bunyips. Very scary beasts!
Aurora helping Aunty Joy (Wurunjeri Elder) prepare for the smoking ceremony.

Well, Womenjika, came like the blasts of wind that accompanied the day, and is now a memory. And it was a good afternoon. Filled with the initial wild sail ride there. A boat filled with Elders from the Aboriginal community, young Koories and various other peoples invited on for the ride who were supporting the event.
Then onto a Welcome ceremony and finally to the stage set up at the St Kilda Baths, Here we had a combination of Music, Creation stories and stories from the Two Bays project. It is hard to transcribe the feeling of the night but suffice to say it all came together and everyone was happy.
I will post the short speech I made as it is a quite clear summary of some of what Pelican Expeditions has been up to and what drives us or more particularly, me.

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