Sunday, September 14, 2008

Packed and ready to go..

I have been in Queensland for a week now and hope to make our way to Cape Flattery tomorrow for a month long project with the Hope Vale Aboriginal Community
We have been getting ready in Cairns and I had planned to have a bit of down time beforehand. This was not to be, as my daughter Aurora was very ill with fevers, so we were in and out of emergency and doctors surgerys and had many nights of no sleep. But she is now much better and we are now in Cooktown. Ready for the big sand dune drive and our time in Guugu Yimithirr Country.

This year the program is very full and we have extended it by a couple of weeks. I am very involved in the digital story telling project and am working as one of the trainers as well as helping run overall program. The link in the title is worth following if you are interested in finding out in more depth the aims and also methodolgy of the DST component. There will be lots more about what is happening on our Pelican website.

I am looking forward to setting up my tent and getting my feet on country and being part of our once a year camp community on the beautiful coastline of Cape York.


scout said...

wow! such excitment! glad aurora is well now - yikes, nothing more troubling then a sick kid.

bon voyage, almost!!!

samia Goudie said...
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austin said...

oh thanks scout
I am well and truly back in the throng and will post soon about my time up North. It has been a massive time and I am still working out how it all happened???
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods, though I know that Harper managed to sidle back in!
Sorry for delay in response but I am BACK now! Austinx