Thursday, December 04, 2008

Making Links

presenting at Making Links

At Hope Vale primary school, Cape York.

Well I reckon the only reason I have not been blogging is because I have been talking too much. I have one occasion above where I co-presented about the Digital Story Telling (DST) project in Hope Vale with Samia Goudie. This was at the Making Links conference in
Melbourne (Link above). Before that I did my first ever international keynote at a Marine Educators conference (IPMEN).
And also presenting at Hope Vale school the DST project that the kids made, again with Samia.

And all this talking and sharing leads to more sharing and talking. And you always end up learning more and becoming more inspired to carry on.

Because sometimes it seems overwhelming the amount to do and learn, the current threats to the wellbeing of this groaning over- populated planet. All the personal issues of being in the middle of your life or maybe more and seeing a huge momentum developing and realising how finite our individual terms are.

So maybe I'll go back to having a bit of meandering time on my blog. Hope so.

Oh and good news. Just won a grant to help us develop curriculum from the Two Bays project that links the Old ways with the New. Linking traditional knowledge, understanding Sea Country with Science practices in a model of Ocean Literacy principles to create innovative curriculum for kids. Yay.


Narelle said...
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Narelle said...

HI there
If you wanted to provide some more details on the DST at Hope Vale, like when and what its about, if you have any pictures etc, we'd be happy to run a yarn in the local paper.
email is
cheers :)

scout said...

yay on the grant!!!! wow, such cool stuff you're doing....keep at it, whatever , whenever, wherever :D

austin said...

Hi Narelle,
I will drop you an email and thanks for your interest. Which local paper do you represent? Are you in Hope Vale?

Hiya Scout,
Nice to see you here. I have been so busy I barely get time to visit my blogging pals but I have kept an eye on your travels. Hope all is well.
Love Austinx

samia Goudie said...

hello , amazing and excellent news on the grants and well deserved and so happy ... this is wonderful as i know pelican , saltwater is doing good work and the ideas are fresh and needed. Keep it up.


samia Goudie said...

oh and who is the PAPER , NARELLE , YES SHOULD DO THAT ? IF TIME HEY....

Anonymous said...

hey austin! all will be well when i get out of this country and into the States. it's been one car problem after another and trying to find a mechanic who will work on 'gringa's' van is difficult. seems this place doesn't want to let go of me yet i'm anxious to GET OUT!!!! am holed up in one of the border towns right now waiting for van repairs....don't dare leave my hotel room as it's one of the places the police and drug cartels have shoot ups and stray bullets fly. no siree, i had the forethought to buy some sandwhiches and juice and snacks before checking in. whew!!!

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


austin said...

Hello Margaret, thanks for the visit and glad you enjoy some of my ramblings. Unfortunately I don't seem to get much time these days for rambling but it is a noble aim!!
All the Best,