Sunday, April 05, 2009

Kid turns seven

Just the other week my little girl turned seven!! My daughter who started out as a very tiny scrap, arriving prematurely two months early. Easter Sunday, full moon baby.

Seven years seems to mark a very definite slice of life. She is now nearly the tallest in her grade, filled with wit, energy and fun.
I could not imagine my life without her and felt that way from the moment she was born.

If ever I am questioning the magic inherent in being alive I transport myself back to the moment before she was born. I had a normal birth, except it was too early. Only in the last stages of labour did the doc notice that her heartbeat was getting a bit weaker so he asked me to try to get her out in one push. I closed my eyes and let out a kind of haka yell and as soon as I did that I was transported into flying galaxies and shooting comets. I couldn't believe this sense that I was really out in the far reaches of space and light. The doc asked for me to be quiet as the little one had arrived and I opened my eyes to see Aurora.

I didn't have any drugs so it was just either a moment of hallucination brought on by all the birthing hormones or ... that's where we come from! Who knows but it was a rather fantastic feeling!!


samia Goudie said...

OH , YES turning seven !!! How totally wonderous and goregous she is ! @ what a amazing story of the birth ... yes , you also are a amazing and gorgeous , that is where she gets some of it from for sure !!!!

Love you posts , they are alwasy interesting and well written.

be well and lots love


austin said...

Thanks Samia, don't know about me being amazing and gorgeous but I am certainly given many blessings, including people like you being in my life.