Sunday, June 07, 2009

Head in Light

Photo: Shirley Nicholas

I am up late, attempting to write/organise a presentation for next week. Planning for Hope Vale. Problems of funding LOOM as they always do. One of the elders that we work with is going to co-present with me and hopefully some of the kids that come to the camp.

But I can no longer think in terms of capacity building and sustainability and multi-disciplinary and disadvantage and partnerships etc

Instead I will now travel back in time.

The photograph above is one that I have saved from an old glass transparency taken by my grandmother in the 1920s.


Anonymous said...

whoa!!!! awesome photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

was looking into airfares for australia or new zealand for next winter......i mean, surely i can't limit myself to hawaii!!!!!!!!!!!! it's a huge expense though.

don't any ideas?

austin said...

Hiya Scout,

I'm thinkin' and will write. Nice to hear from you!


Dale said...

Wow, yes. A stunning photo.

Funding. Always. Yes. Good luck with it!

Nice to see you again.

austin said...

Thanks Dale,

Don't really get to the blogging much these days! But enjoying your posts very much.

All Best,