Wednesday, May 24, 2006

bush aesthetic

Last year I finally had the pleasure of a longer delivery voyage on the boat that we use for projects. This photo was taken on an island near Dunk Island in North Queensland. The island is a national park and you can camp on it but it is in a fairly pristine state. The natural world organises itself in a zen-like manner, making the place feel incredibly peaceful.


phaedra said...

great photo, i assume that is rory in the water, but who is that character behind the rock?

my profile views have jumped from 8 to 16, so with glee i check yours thinking i am winning the profile wars (because life is competition) and you have 16. wot goes on? is it rigged? oh well, we are even stevens so everyone wins (or loses)

love, miss press

austin said...

I think everything looks better against the white rather than that icky blue! The character against the rock is Paul and it is Aurora leaping about in the water.
I hadn't looked at my profile as I thought that I would be eternally on 8. Maybe we have only had 2 views and each look is worth 8. Neck and neck!!