Saturday, August 26, 2006

late winter light

Down at the Bay the old potato farmers are the last to leave the market.
We stop the tree man to buy one Cox pippen, one Golden Delicious and one pink Cherry blossom tree.
In the cafe, people jump on their seats and shout "Look at the Whale"
The whale is giving a show, flipping his tail high in the air , as he leaves the Bay.


Scout said...

love the shadowed image of the whale. some day, one day, i'll get over to oz.

austin said...

Hiya whizz kid. I hadn't even seen that whale but now that you see it...there it is!
We are pretty close, well sort off, to New Zealand so if you are thinking of getting there you may as well hop a little further across the Pacific.

jones said...

Does one need specail equipment for such hopping. It will be nice to be in oz land.

Nice picture of the whale.

Scout said...

i just looked at air prices from hawaii to new zealand....forget it! now i'l check out airfair to oz. i may only get as far as fiji, but that's better then just staying put in one place for 4 months.