Monday, August 07, 2006

two buds and a garden border...

I have not had much time for posting recently but I have been able to take note of the early signs of Spring budding. Hope springs eternal
Talking of hope springing eternally. Here is an idea for no borders. It all starts with your neighbour. Taking a walk with my camera the other day I discovered two houses which had no borders except for a shared flower garden.
The link in the title is to an organisation called no borders which calls for the decriminalisation of all people seeking to find a new home.
Tomorrow our Government is trying to pass a bill which would make it possible for them to take anyone who lands on our shores to an off shore detention centre. This would remove them from access to all the support that they need to navigate our migration system! Hopefully there will be a couple of mutinies which will scuttle this outrageous bill. We'll see.

Once again, hope springs eternal. The UN resolution calling for a ceasefire should come into operation tomorrow.

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Scout said...

flowers for borders......and each country with it's gardeners tending to the life and seasonal cycle of the garden. sounds good to me.

and yes, hope, hope for the ceasefire and all talks/negotiations.