Tuesday, September 26, 2006

travelling north..

Photo-Sandy Scheltema
Pelican1 resting near Lizard Island.

I will not be posting for a while (not that I am such a regular poster) as I am heading up North to take part in the last week of a Pelican Expeditions project. This is our third project with the Hope Vale Aboriginal Community in Cape York. Pelican will be working for two weeks and we will have up to 200 Community members involved. I may do a more in depth post about it later but if you are interested you can go to
  • Pelican Expeditions
  • to follow the on line blog about it all. I will be taking my daughter, Aurora and camping at Cape Flattery.

    Photo-Sandy Scheltema
    The photo above is from the top of Lizard Island which is central to the Hope Vale project. This photo was taken during the Coral Bleaching project of the young Indigenous trainees involved.

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    Scout said...

    best to ya austin! have fun and safe journey!!!