Sunday, January 29, 2012

Connecting to Sea Country - Wurundjeri Day


A sharp, warm and breeezy day awaited our Wurundjeri guests for a sail into the Northern parts of Port Phillip Bay. The day was sponsored by Indigenous Partnerships from Parks Victoria. 


David Mullins, riding the stern.

On board we had members from three Wurundjeri families and all were welcomed by Uncle Paddy Wandin.

All the young people on board got involved with learning the ropes and helping us get the boat down the Yarra and out into the Bay. The Wurundjeri creation story is about the formation of the Yarra River and how it flowed down to create the Bay. Unlike the Boonwurrung story which has the rising sea levels creating Nairn.

Brodie was very enthusiastic to be on a big boat and was often asking questions of the crew about Pelican1 and sailing.
Black swan flying near the where the Birrarung (Yarra River) meets the Nairm (Port Phillip Bay). The Wurundjeri 

Many of the kids had not snorkelled before, so they were given a lesson first about how to use the equipment and swim safely. 

And then they all jumped in!

Golfball sponges

Pelican1 anchored on the edges of the Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary, but the reef was a little deep to see much. But that did not seem to matter to the kids who were all thrilled to master their snorkelling skills.

They also found a butterfly floating in the Nairn and she was brought back on board, travelling home with us to Docklands at the end of the day. Alice Ewing (a previous Two Bays participant) identified it as the Imperial Jezebel, Delias harpalyce  

All the kids mucked in with Anna (Pelican cook) and helped her make a Banana cake, which we ate on the way home.


Pelican1 sharing the river with slightly larger vessels!


Last time the Wurundjeri came out with the Two Bays project, Bob (who was on board) caught an Australian Salmon. It was not for lack of trying but this time the fish were not biting!


Aunty Winnie and Aunty Vicky with myself, Natalie, Aurora and Sharon.


Aunty Vicky.


The day was a great opportunity to get out and connect with Sea Country. 

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