Monday, April 02, 2007

meanwhile back at the farm ...

Aurora enjoying the farm.

Native cotton.

Dam with lilies.

It has been a busy few years. Before my blogging days and before my daughter turned 2 (she is now 5) I used to visit my mum's farm in SE Queeensland at least once a year. Unfortunately life has been too busy to slow down and get down onto the farm!! We have finally been able to get here as a family and I am absorbing every quiet moment as deeply as I can!

The farm grows macadamia nuts but it really grows trees and my mum has slowly been returning most of the land to original health.

Mum's farm is close to the sea and my husband Paul has borrowed a long board and enjoying the amazing surf.


Ms Melancholy said...

Oh, thankyou! After scaring me (!) you now delight me! The picture of Aurora is absolutely beautiful. Just so beautiful. I can close my eyes and think myself there.

austin said...

The longer we are here the harder it is to imagine us back in the city. We have a few precious days left. Last night we had the pleasure of rain bucketing down on the corrugated iron roof. In Victoria we have been in such a long drought that the sound of rain is like heaven.