Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Theory of Painting 1


This is one of a series of paintings I did quite a while ago. All the pictures played around with letters in a landscape, mainly the letter P. This letter appears everywhere in an urban setting as you are roaming around looking for a parking space.

The old "Where do I belong? " chestnut became aligned with the simple process of composing, seemingly arbitarily, these urban pointers in an incongruous setting .

Anyone reading this will probably be thinking "This girl should stop right there!" I don't paint at the moment but similar questions still haunt me in different ways. It is why whenever I am taking photographs, I am still drawn to photos of signs which seem abstracted in the landscape. I respond with my old painter eye which delights in a flat shape in space that resonates with my old way of feeling myself into the world (with a level of distance,disbelief and irony). All those elements have changed in me today which is why the photo below seems a little warmer. Anyway I couldn't resist taking it.