Monday, April 16, 2007

Suitable Transport

Aurora and I travelled today to the city to support some friends who are taking part in a project called Suitable Transport. On the way while waiting for suitable transport (a tram, which unfortunately was running late), we were stationed at a tram stop with a fellow traveller (pictured below). She kept her jacket over her head and kept muttering things to herself. I could only make out what she was saying when she raised her voice to swear which she started to do quite frequently as the time stretched. I wanted to share a bit of her frustration as we too wanted the tram so that we could hear all the speeches and be there in time to throw confetti over all the bike riders. Anyway it is another photo I could not resist. I'm glad though that Aurora seemed oblivious to the mutterings and was a little surprised I took the photo.

Frustrated commuter.

The bikes line up.

Stephen Gale (pictured 2nd on right), who incidently has helped us a lot (Pelican Expeditions) over the years of building the boat Pelican1, recently started riding a battery powered bike and was so impressed with them that he thought up the project so that lots of people would learn about their transport potential. He has gathered 20 people to ride with him from Melbourne to Sydney to press the point. He also gathered this impressive dome (pictured below) to help launch the project. It is none other than Peter Garrett (ex Midnight Oil singer, present Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Heritage and the Arts -catch breath) Or at least the back of him!
So...Go Bike Power!!!

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