Saturday, April 15, 2006

Abandoned Garden

Just below our place in the Wilddog valley is an abandoned house with a tangled old, neglected garden. Local rumour has it that Von Mueller planted all the old cypresses that line the driveway. The garden used to be the pride of the district, especially the Rose Garden. The last tenant had a stroke and had to leave. The owners never seem to come and visit so it is a home for ghosts and perennial bulbs. I include a photo of the old house and the property title. Long ago it used to house the local school teacher for the kids of the local farmers. The old school was located just above our house in what is now an old pine plantation. We know one of the kids who is now one of the last remaining farmers in this area. Frank Murnane. He is now in his eighties and working the hills with his beloved dogs. He used to live down the bottom of the valley and every morning he and 5 other kids would ride a horse up to the school. Often the kid at the back would fall off and end up being dragged up the very steep hill by holding onto the tail.

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