Thursday, April 27, 2006

green and urban...

Freizeit means freedom in German or translated literally free time. I like the idea of a big board with something like that on it instead of the increasingly enourmous pictures of boobs and legs everywhere.

Laneways- a subject that I would like to do a lot more blogging on, but here is some graffiti real time, a good Australian, urban scene.

Another green scene. An ultrasound picture of my womb with an ectopic pregnancy and some of my graffiti.

The final green scene..urban, board room. I have long wanted to paint this fairly mundane subject and this is an unfinished painting on the theme. I used to teach English in Germany and often worked in board rooms and they were so banal as to be fascinating..

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phaedra said...

on the note of graffiti, there was a cool show on street art in melbourne on the abc, which sucked me right in, and there is a street art festival in Fitzroy held at the Rose St. Artist Market (60 Rose St.) for five days from Thursday 18 to Monday 22 May 2006.

i'm gonna check it out

love, miss press