Friday, April 28, 2006


..with the idea of pregnancy. I am an older mum and in the light of my experience, fortunate to become one. But before I actually had a babe in arms I was almost terrified of the thought. I was probably as afraid of losing myself, as I was of the thought of becoming a mum and nurturing another. I could not conceive that the self I was so tenuously holding on to was actually going to be strengthened and emboldened by having a kid.

Though I am hoping for a bit more time to make some pictures to make sense of this juggling world.

Digressing back to West Papua. I find it very strange that our government is still holding one of the 43 West Papuans who landed in Cape York. The remaining asylum seekers name is David Wainggai and I have recently learnt that his father died in a jail in Jakarta while serving time with his wife for displaying the West Papuan independence flag during a demonstration.
All the other West Papuans in this group have been released with Temporary Protection visas. If he remains in detention for much longer or his application is not processed it can only seem that Canberra is trying to appease Indonesia by not releasing him or at the very least processing his application.

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