Monday, July 03, 2006

Bad Photography

Amber. B.Y.O
A long time ago, in a time when I had time to worry about images.....I had an idea to paint any photograph that I had taken that I thought was "bad". I decided to format the painting in the same size as the photo and paint in watercolour. The above is one of that series. It was a matter of penance as well as giving me energy to explore what made a "good" picture. All the painted images looked a lot better than the original photograph. Whether the act of painting them imbued them with something considered or whether I just find the world inherently interesting and could consider its nuances in the most ordinary of moments- I don't know. Or we are just trained to find a painting "interesting"?

The next two pictures are from photos I took of Port Phillip Bay. Playing around with photoshop I was toying with the same ideas but just not spending hours working in paint.


Scout said... your painting....guess we get hung up on composition so much in regards to photographs.

wonder if you took a bad painting, photographed it and cropped it in ps to meet 'photo composition criteria' what the results would be?

Scout said...
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phaedra said...

did you delete a comment, what did they say? what did they say?

austin said...

They said that my art was shite! No really it was someone else making an error in commenting so put your clothes back on!

falco348 said...

Very pretty site! Keep working. thnx!

austin said...

Thanks for the visit Falco- I tried to follow on to your blog but the link didn't work.