Monday, July 17, 2006

calm corner..

I have a soft spot for the unlovely corners that you come across in daily life. While the Middle East explodes with long held hatreds, these unnoticed spaces exist in every corner of the world. Maybe it will eventually be a mutual desire for calm, domestic spacces that will slowly pour water on the flames. Or more probably it will be the people that inhabit these spaces that will suffer violence inflicted by the powers that be.


Scout said...

oh i like that corner!!! if enough were to sit in their corners and use the power of meditation/prayer, i think they'd be safe. but that's just me.

s said...

Saw your post on Art life re: spacement gallery not paying their artists.

Suggest you contact about this. The seem to be doing a lot of stuff on ethics or lack of in the Art "índustry".

They'd be particulary interested that Spacemnt is a schwartz runand owned gallery - I mean it's not like they haven't got money.

Reckon a bit of Crikey attention will get the dues paid.


phaedra said...

i'm impressed with your viewings you are up to 72 (she quickly rushes to her blog and sees only 53

posting on the art life eh, (she quickly rushes to have a look)

love, p

austin said...

Thanks for the idea s. I actually went to the Crikey site and could not quite see where I could bring up the topic. I am about to hit the Art Life again as there is still no sign of payment. And also get some lawyers letters out!