Sunday, July 16, 2006


...finally , after weeks of being stuck in the big smoke due to our ailing oldies, we are actually in the real Wild Dog Road. We even ventured further afield on a wintry day to explore some of the walk that can be done along the stretch of coast known as the Great Ocean Road. Above is a sign encountered describing the pitfalls to be avoided along the way. One day we hope to do a longer walk but we just went a little way on our first exploration.

Cliffs shearing down into a wild sea, wonderful rock formations reminding one of the immensity of tectonic movements long ago. Relations of our Australian marsupials live in South America harking back to Gondwana land which was the huge southern land that started breaking up about 150 million years ago. A very cute dinasaur about 60 cm high used to leap around this area as his fossils have been found near this area at a place called Castle Cove.

Leaping from the wilds of coastal speculation to domestic ideas, I had to share this novel lawn mower which we came across in the back streets of Apollo Bay. The cage is slowly moved forward and the rabbits make short work of the grass. seems an environmentally friendly version of the mower to me!


Scout said...

sign: whoa!!!!!!!!

cliffs: holy beautiful!!!!!

lawn mower: now that's the cat's , er, rabbit's pyjamas!!!!!!!

phaedra said...

and they fertilize it too. ain't rabbit bottoms grand.