Thursday, July 06, 2006

"Two quotes"


" not a just image, just an image: A "just image" is an image that exactly corresponds to what it is taken to represent, but if we see images as " just images", we see them precisely as images, rather than correct or incorrect represetations of things"

Godard Notes- Negotiations

" The complete critique is perhaps not one that aims at totality (as does le regard surplomant) nor that which aims at intimacy (as does identiying intuition); it is the look which knows how to demand, in their turn, distance and intimacy, knowing in advance that the truth lies not in one or the other attempt but in the movement that passes indefatigably from one to the other. One must refuse neither the vertigo of distance nor that of proximity: one must desire that double excess where the look is always near to losing all it's powers."

Jean Starbobinski L'oeil vivant: Essais

Flying Ducks

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